Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick

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I'm pretty sure a game of Magic: The Gathering isn't supposed to end like this. Witness, if you will, this screenshot (I'm the bottom player). Pay special attention to my life total at the bottom: 3298. Also note the extremely beefy Ageless Entity. At this point I was drawing one or two Beacon of Immortality every turn, and had all the mana I needed to cast it ? that wasn't sane by any meaning of the word.

And then you wonder why I don't play MTG with you...

But on the topic, how can you have 11 cards in hand?

It was my turn and I had drawn a number of cards with Well of Lost Dreams. You don't have to discard until end of turn.

Hmm... Another thing. How can you draw "one or two bacon of immortality" every turn? Isn't there a limit?

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