Monkeyblah is another of those personal websites where a somewhat pretentious designer/developer/creative-profession-of-your-choice rants, raves and generally experiments and tinkers with stuff he or she finds interesting. There are plenty of them out there, you might have seen one or two of them already. In this case, the person is none other than generic geek and CS&E student Peter "X-G" C�O Johansson. It's all right if you've never heard of him. He's an awfully dull person, actually.

The purpose of the page, then, is several-fold, if that's truly a word at all. Mainly, it's a place for me to rant and rave, write stuff when I feel like it, etc - in essence then, a blog. Also, it's a bit of a showcase for the things I do, including but not limited to web design, PHP/C/C++/etc coding, and drawn and digital artwork. In other words, a brain dump. Expect to see plenty or controversy, and all kinds of weirdness from time to time ? the page is constantly changing as I come up with new ideas.

Behind the scenes is written from scratch in PHP4, and should be 99% XHTML-conformant ? the last percent is old, poorly formatted entries that break the standard in minor ways. The domain is hosted by Robert Ferris's little webhosting service at very amiable prices, and running on Apache on a Linux server with PHP5 and other goodies.

This is the second iteration of Monkeyblah, discounting its testing stage. The default CSS design is called Softspot (the older not really having a name), but expect alternative design experiments to pop up from time to time.

Briefly about the author

Peter C�O Johansson (The initials stand for Claes Olani, if you were wondering) is a Swedish geek and student at the Computer Science and Engineering school at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He likes Chinese and middle eastern food, Terry Pratchett and anime, and listens to a wide variety of music. In his spare time, he does web design and PHP coding, and occasionally writes a game or two in C++.
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