The basics

Peter C�O Johansson (The initials stand for Claes Olani, if you were wondering) was born some twenty years ago in a little city on the east coast of Sweden known for squat nothing of use. He spent most of his young life there and at some point took the nickname "X-G" - the story behind that is rather long and he can hardly remember it any more anyway. (Trivia: hackers aren't supposed to go by nicknames, but it's so much shorter to type.) Recently he moved to the slightly larger west coast city of Gothenburg, known for fish and weird game shows, where he began his studies at the Master programme in Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

He considers himself a free-thinking atheist and vehemently unreligious. He tries not to care too much about politics and is really not all that interested after all. He is a pedantic speller and crashes down heavily on anyone who mis-uses words, uses AOL speak or generally writes like a wanker, which is in a way ironic as he's not a native English speaker and tends to mess up some times himself.

Stuff he likes

He particularly enjoys the written works of Terry Pratchett but is likely to read any fantasy or sci-fi book you throw at him. He's got a penchant for the funny and strange, and particularly enjoys things that don't quite make sense, such as animutations. He likes a wide variety of music, including but not limited to J-Pop, techno, trance, dance, symphonic metal, polka, folk music, irish drinking songs, anthems, russian men's choirs, anime themes, and SID music. Among his favorite foods are such highlights as Chinese and Mexican food, the almighty kebab, and generally spicy foods of all kinds. In the drink department, he favors caffeinated soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper.

Stuff he hates

Plastic pop music. Beans. Pretentious holier-than-thous. People who can't bother to spell correctly. People who try to censor other people. People who let themselves be censored. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs. (Trivia: X-G is an abstainer - he doesn't drink even the least bit of alcohol.) New Age and spiritualistic idiots.


Despite his rather bulky disposition, X-G being a man of many conflicting sides he enjoys playing a bit of Dance Dance Revolution from time to time. (Trivia: His current Max300 record is an 'A' on Light, but he has yet to pass any higher difficulties.) When he's not shaking it on a dance pad, he plays Legend of the Five Rings, his favored factions being the Shadowlands Horde, the Phoenix Clan, and the Unicorn Clan. He rarely watches movies, but when he does it's usually something fantastic or epic. The exception to this is if the movie in question happens to be anime; he is a real anime nut.