Art, Rant

I know I'm supposed to give you the lowdown on GothCon. It's been two days already.

And I will. Some day. In the meantime, have a look at this thing I drew:

I'll shade him later.

For someone who hates me so much you sure come here a lot. ;) Like 20 hits the last 8 hours ...

Let's see, how many Allegroites do I know whose connection would route through Mexico?

And yes, he's inspired by King of Fighters; thanks for not

Kof. Anyway, I don't care that you're a bad artist. It just pisses me off that you want to impress us visitors with this sorry demonstrarion of your incompetence at drawing.

It. Does. Suck. Bad. The fist has no strenght, it is more like a closed hand. The face is all out of proportions. Eyes are too separated, even for a manga artist wannabe, and the nose is absolutely bizarre. The clothings look like something you saw in

-icing. Damn, I really have to fix this thing. 255 characters IS too little for a comment. At least some Javascript to warn people the comment is too long. I'll get on it.

I think it looks kick ass, and I think the proportions are effective. Now, I'd like to see something origional.

Hi! I apologize, I let my machine on downloading something last night, with this page showing, and my younger brother got here and wrote that crap. He believes he's great at drawing. I suspected something when he asked me 'Qui�n es X-G?' I'm sorry, hope you don't think I hate you or something...

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