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I'm back. Where did I go? No one knows. Actually, a few people do, but it's probably best if it stays there. Now, back to business.

This needs to be proofread and commented on: https://monkeyblah.com/docs/manual.html. Yes, the software exists and will be around for public use shortly. Not that it's all that useful.

I know where he went. He was, for the second time now, kidnapped by aliens from a distant part of the multiverse. They live on a small planetoid called Cygnus that floats gently through the curvature of spacetime. The people doing the kidnapping were from the Ministry of Astronomy on Cygnus. They're conducting an experiment where they want to view their own planet and its life through the eyes of humans from Earth -- they've so far incorporated a lot of our ideas into their world and wish to learn more about or strange minds. So they're having X-G and me write about this planet of theirs.

I haven't read the _content_ yet, but the formatting isn't right in Konqueror (3.1.1) Your licence and code-blocks all appear on one line. My guess is that white-space: pre is ignored. It looks OK in Mozilla (Linux, 1.7).

This may not bother you, but in the interests of browser compatibility... blah blah


I found a link

"CSS1 core: UAs may ignore the 'white-space' property in author's and reader's style sheets, and use the UA's default values instead. (See section 7.) "

See the URL above.


Just for posterity: Pete, you can just put URLs in comments and they will be automatically highlighted: http://w3c.org/TR/CSS1#white-space

The URL box is for any kind of "personal" link, like a homepage. Thanks for the link, though. I'll look into it. Browser compatibility is good, but unfortunately I don't have access to a KHTML browser, so it often gets neglected.

The issue has been resolved. The relevant tags have been replaced with

 tags and the manual has been re-uploaded.

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