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Since the router is refusing my bravest attempts at getting it up and running, and my OS was recently reinstalled and me thus lacking access to an Apache webserver with PHP, creative processes related to web design and Monkeyblah in particular are on temporary hiatus until I can fix the router. Instead, I created some artsy vector stuff (which I have never done before):

The thing on the right is a spelling nazi logo. If you're offended by it, don't read my website any more. Ever. Oh, and I seem to suck at this right now ? but I'll get better, mark my words.

Looking very nice. Reminds me alot of the Crystal SVG icons.

Those are really nice for a first attempt at vectorized stuff. What did you use to create them? Flash?

I've already commented on the quality of these little pictures in private before, so I won't reiterate.

Anyway, about that last logo. The nazi parody. Isn't the swastika forbidden in Germany and other places? I mean, displaying it COULD get your ISP sued or a C&D letter sent to them asking your site to be shut down. And yes, I'm pretty sure they have the legal grounds to do it.

I'm not offended, no. Just that, someone might be. And the law is stupid enough to let them pursue their stupidity like this.

Oh and here's an interesting link that kinda jibes with the topic.
Some jews must be anti-semitist, I guess :P

Such symbols are not banned under Swedish jurisdiction. They have nothing on me, since the symbol is not displayed in a hateful or provocative manner.

Lucky you.

Speaking of which, I just went over the contract I signed when I applied for an internet connection at the student housing (hostel?) place where I'm staying this year. Their definitions of "misuse" are so broad, even requesting a web page could be considered sufficient grounds for them terminating the contract.

Oh and btw, see

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