Not exactly as planned


I'm home in Gothenburg now, and, well, things didn't work out quite the way I had planned them to. Mainly, this is because of what seems to be Windows XP suddenly deciding to screw over my primary hard drive, rendering some files inaccessible, and also deciding that CHKDSK cannot be run to repair the faults ? even if told to run it on bootup, when nothing else is accessing it. This is the kind of shit that makes me want to switch to running Linux fulltime...

Anyway, that's not an option at the moment, considering the kind of tasks I normally need to perform. Instead, I will be doing a bunch of backup, then rip out the old Windows install, finally reinstalling it again. To be honest it was on its last breath already. Luckily, I had enough foresight to put Windows on a partition on its own, and everything else somewhere different. This way there shouldn't be much to backup and the whole process should be relatively painless. Can't help but feel like it's a bit of a waste, though ? soon I will be upgrading pretty much everything in this computer anyway.

I've also acquired an old Celeron 400 MHz box that will serve as a router/development web server. It will be running Gentoo linux, and I should hopefully be able to get that up and running soon. But I have to figure out a good name for the computer first. Suggestions are appreciated. My current primary computer, an old P4 1.8 GHz, is fondly called "Olympus", in case that inspires anyone.

Alright. If your current one is Olympus, then your new one could be Hades or Tartarus. Or you could name it Charon to better describe its function -- taking packets across the river of Acheron. Or Limbo or Purgatory.

Anyway, my computers are named:

Eudaimonia -- Main box. Named after a good idea Aristotle had once.

Daedalus -- My main laptop. Named after a mythical craftsman.

Vincent -- The only computer that runs Windows in this house. Was named Vincent for two reasons: it has the letters VNC in it and it runs a VNC server; and I like van Gogh's earlier work.

There are two others, but they're not named right now for various reasons. One is an ancient laptop and the other's PSU got fried, I couldn't afford a new one and so some of its bits and pieces were incorporated into Vincent.

Remember: naming a computer is an important activity, so choose a good name.

If naming computers is an important activity, then I think I've screwed up: My laptop is named Jolle, my main box Jolle2, and my family's computers Fridolf and Fridolf2.

I think you should name your computer Buggrim or possibly Gnomeless.

And by the way, welcome back :) Too bad Windows didn't appreciate it :/

Naming computers is as important as naming your children, of course.* But don't worry -- people tend to screw up there as well. That's how we get names like FatherName Junior and FatherName 2.0.

* That statement was made in jest.

Of the different choises suppied by Elver I would go for Limbo. That may not be the best suggestion for you but for me it is also a name used in my favorite pc-game and would remind me of it.

Elver also made me think about the naming stuff. Sounds like a good idea to take the naming seriously so I will probably do that in the future.

And last, I cant be worse than Jolle and bid you a welcome back to GBG.

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