What have I done to deserve this?


Never, ever buy Ethernet/WLAN DSL routers from D-Link. All this thing has been doing all night is disconnecting me from the internet every five seconds and/or causing extreme packet loss, both internally and externally. Restarting the router usually works... for about 20 minutes. Then it goes to hell again.

Never trust something you didn't roll yourself. Had it been an el cheapo *nix system, you would have found the problem by now, even fixed it.

That said, I *did* warn you when you were setting that thing up. And yes, it could have been made fully automatic with no confing needed by others. The other day my gateway rebooted due to short power loss -- I didn't need to do anything, just kept working at my lappie. It came up, lappie got the old IP/hostname via DHCPD/BIND9 et voila, didn't even need to touch it.

Stuff that does everything rarely does anything properly.

Then you'll remember it wasn't really my choice, but my parents'...

Linksys is the way to go. Never had any problems with them.

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