Speedhack 2004

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Speedhack 2004 is on, and I will be participating this year again. I'm not yet decided on exactly what I will make, but it will probably be a funkyish shooter a la Rez. I think that should satisfy racing... Anyways, I will do progress updates on that page rather than here, to prevent massive spamming of this place. Once the competition is over, I will make one post with every log entry from there here.

Edit 2004-Jun-20 20:36 UTC

I'm officially throwing in the towel. I'll upload what little stuff I have shortly.

Edit 20:48 UTC

Source code and binaries are here. Probably not of much interest to anyone not into this.

Edit 2004-Jun-25 12:16 UTC

The file is back up again. Same address as before. Just use the link above.

Rez? As in the one game that ships with a vibrator...? Uhm... I'm not sure if I want to know...

well rez is one of the best games i know ;)
i got the dc version... yay ;D

but nevermind...

doesn't seem as if the file is still up =/

hoped to grab it T_T

was really looking forward to it...

probably you feel like getting it on you webspace again? would be nice if you did so...

from what i had seen until now, it looked pretty nice...

sad to hear, that you dropped it =/

About 8 hours ago, I left my home in Gothenburg to go home-home to where my parents live. I'm staying here for a while. As a side effect of that, I rebooted my computer to run linux, and the webspace layout changed. Thus the file is no longer available from the old address. I'm going to add a new link once I've moved stuff. It's not that much Rez-like though, unfortunately. More like, inspired.

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