Opera 7.5

World Wide Web, Rant

Well, it seems Opera 7.5 is out. Naturally, being the Opera fanatic that I am, I downloaded and upgraded. And now, much to my dismay, the mail client refuses to load.

The mail client simply is not there. It's like the functionality has simply been removed. The option to use the Opera builtin mail client is there in the Preferences dialog, but it's grayed out. No error message is shown.

I've had this happen before with older versions, but then fixing it just entailed restarting Opera. Now no matter what I do it doesn't work. This sucks.

KMail's good, if you're looking for a replacement. Of course, you can call tech support. Maybe the mail client is only available in the commercial version from now on?

Yeah, yeah, I'm not being useful.

Dunno, works for me I guess. I go to the Mail menu and click Compose, Read, etc... Not that I have any accounts setup for it, but ti asks to set one up. I can also search my non-existant emails in the non-existant accounts.

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