Brain drain


I'm all out of ideas. That really sucks, having a place like this of your own to rant and write about stuff on, and you've got no idea what to write about. I'm fresh out of ideas. Articles? About what? Fiction? Doesn't seem like there's anything to write about there either. Tutorials? On what subject?

If anyone's got any ideas, write them down or something.

How about something from GothCon? We havn't heard anything about it...

I was going to do that. But now 1) I don't know what from GothCon to write about, and 2) I forgot most of what happened there anyway.

1. Wait for someone to deliver pics of GothCon.

2. Upload them here.

3. Profit!!!

Surely, a business plan as fine as this could not fail.

You could write about me being an idiot. I wouldn't mind. I mean, isn't this comment proof enough that it's true?

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