My God, I'm a Spike

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I keep getting a feeling something's killed Magic: the Gathering for me. I like to consider myself a Johnny player and I've always been a Johnny. But recently I keep thinking things like "no, this card sucks, it's too expensive; the effect is really cool, I love it, but it won't fit in my mana curve" or "this card penalizes my tempo too much", and I can't help but feel I'm losing out on exactly the kind of cool interactions that made me like Magic to begin with. What's worse, I'm actually considering the metagame, and that's a bad sign if ther ever was one.

I blame not having anyone to play with, which in turn brings me to IRC channels, which puts that competitive pressure on me. Bloody pro tour players.

Face it. You're just too good for us sunday players and probably not good enough for the pro people. Good luck finding people to play with.

Hell, I don't even want to play pro. I want to be a casual player, but good at it. Why can't there be IRC channels specifically for damn casual games?

(All the people in the channels I've found consider "casual" to mean "not for league points". >_

Hmm... You know, we could try DnD or just generic role playing over IRC some day. MTG's an option, but I prefer real life MTG games and you're just too good -- I really don't have the time to learn all about the cards I don't have.

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