Utter boredom

Art, World of Warcraft

Mage, not rapper. Damn it, why do all the things I make keep coming out looking like rappers?

Undead rapper mage? Being a mage doesn't mean you can't be a rapper, you know. I wonder if rapper mages rap while casting spells. Hm. Anyway, I think he's missing a thick gold chain.

hurrah! http://cellosoft.com/2draw/view/34709/

I didnt pass your elite literacy test, so here are the screenshots because i cant be bothered to fix my engrish:


firefox(1.0) +linux (gentoo)

It's very good. Despite what you (may) think, you are very talented.

I'm envious of your skills. :)

That made me giggle like a alterboy with a lollipop, you get a gold star or something to that effect.

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