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As of ten minutes ago, the new code upgrades are in place along with Softspot, the new CSS layout. I hope you will all agree that this new design is much more colorful and exciting than the old one. The code is better and more feature rich, and many old quirks have been sorted out. As you might notice, Softspot is 900 pixels wide, so resolutions below 1024x768 won't have much fun. A full feature list/changelog follows.

  • Brand new CSS design!
  • All pages are now pages in their own right, rather than values sent to index.php.
  • The archive actually works now. Entries are sorted by topic. I will add the ability to sort by month later.
  • Posts can now have abstracts. This post is an example of this.
  • Entry summaries have been removed and partly replaced by abstracts.
  • Comments can now be disabled while old comments are still shown.
  • Entries show the number of comments they have next to them.
  • You can link to individual comments using the (#) next to each comment.
  • When posting a comment, you can now add an URL that will appear with your name.
  • There's a "spotlight" image at the top right. Right now this is just pretty and does nothing.
  • There's a mini-blurb about me below the spotlight. Not very interesting, but it's there.

In addition, the colophon and profile pages have changed a bit - new design, of course, and minor content changes. You'll notice the link collection is smaller than it used to be, too ? I decided it was necessary so it won't detract attention from the rest of the page. Monkeyblah is supposed to be my playground, not a link tank.

Many changes only concern the administration interface, which you probably won't see much of. It's much sleeker and nicer, and more feature rich than it used to be. So why am I mentioning this if it will never affect you? Because I like to brag and show off, that's why.

I approve of this new design! Very good! :)

You've never thought of beeing a webdesigner...?

The Softspot design looks great! I really like the new colors. Much more colorful and fresh, very eyecatching. Don't know anything about the new code or bugs that are worked out, but the look is fantastic. :D

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